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Biological Chemistry

Cell Biology basic questions

1. Glycolysis occurs in the ________, the Krebs cycle occurs in the ________, and the electron transport chain occurs in the ________ membrane. A) mitochondria; mitochondria; mitochondrial B) cytoplasm; mitochondria; mitochondrial C) mitochondria; cytoplasm; plasma D) cytoplasm; cytoplasm; plasma E) cytoplasm; mitochondria;

Michaelis-Menton Equation and finding Vmax and Km from a graph

See the attached .doc Copied from the document. See attachment for more details A) What is the initial velocity v0 called when the substrate concentration [S] >>>KM ([S] )? Label on graph. B) Simplify the above MM equation using the assumption that [S] >>>KM. From this simplified equation, what is the rate const

Isolation and Culturing of Olfactory Sensory Neurons

Original posting as formulated by the Student: I am writing a research proposal in which I am attempted to describe an experimental procedure to isolate olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) and analyze/compare the amino acid sequences of olfactory receptors expressed by individual OSNs. To do this, I am proposing isolating indivi

Discussion of metabolism questions

1. If your goal is to burn fat, you are better off exercising at lower intensity for longer periods of time, as opposed to short burts of more intense exercise. Looking at Figure 9.27(see attachment) explain why this is true on a cellular level. For number 3 can you check my reasoning here.. 3. In step 6 of citric acid cyc

hydroylsis activity assay

I am conducting an activity assay to assess the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of 4-Nitrophenyl ?-D-Glucopyranoside by ?-D-Glucosidase. I am happy with the assay, however one of the components is bovine serum albumin ( 0.2% solution in phosphate buffer, to which my enzyme solution is added). I initially assumed that the BSA acted as so

Crystalline Proteins With Societal Impact/Use

I have to give a 30 minute speech in a couple of weeks about a specific protein. The protein needs to have a crystal structure and have some type of societal impact. I would like a protein that is involved in sports or bodybuilding because that is the subject outside of school that I am most interested in. My question is basical

VIII-von Willebrand Factor Complex Inhibits Osteoclastogensis

I need a summary and an explanation for this article: Factor VIII-von Willebrand Factor Complex Inhibits Osteoclastogenesis and Control Cell Survival, Received for publication, June 5, 2009, and in revised form, August 18, 2009 published. Marc Baud'huin, Laurence Duplomb, Stephane Teletchea, Celine Charrier, Mike Maillasso

Relationship Between Tm and Base Pair Content

Based on the attached data collected from DNA isolation from two different bacterial cultures: 1. Complete the table by determining the percentage content of the corresponding complementary bases for each bacterial population. On what assumptions are your calculations made? 2. Describe the relationship between Tm and base

Definitions and Urea Cycle

A) Define "transamination" and "oxidative deamination" b) What is the role of the urea cycle, and what are the effects on an individual of a deficiency in one of the required enzymes?

SDS-Page Electrophoreis to Identify the Molecular Weight

See the attached files. I recently completed a experiment on SDS-Page electrophoresis to identify the molecular weight of my unknown proteins (unknown a and unknown b). I recently received my photograph that I took and I am having a hard time reading it. First off I am having difficult interpreting my photo as I only know that

Cell Biology/Biochemistry questions

1. The stimulus for secretion of neurotransmitters into the synaptic cleft is an increase in A) sodium levels. B) calcium levels. C) neurotransmitter levels. D) chloride levels. E) potassium levels. 2. Multiple sclerosis is a result of A) the absence of myelin on nerve cells. B) having excess acetylcholine receptors.

Experiment on Enzyme inhibition

An experiment was performed to determine the effects of an inhibitor on the breakdown of glycogen by an enzyme. In an accompanying experiment, the inhibitor was added to the glycogen-enzyme suspension and reacted using the same experimental conditions. The data obtained from these experiments are in the table Glycogen (mM) 0

Biochemistry: Liver Mitochondria Oxygen Uptake Inhibition

1. A drug impairs oxyegen consumption on liver mitochondria at a buffer of 7.4pH, Mg, and adp. It inhibits O2 uptake if isocitrate, 2-ketoglutarate and malate were substrates, but it will NOT is succinate is a substrate. Where's the site of inhibiiton: ATP synthase, malate dehydrogenase, Complex I, II, or III 2. Wha

Prepare 100 mL of 5mM Ascorbic Acid with 35mM Solution

Please help solve the following dilutions problems with step by step calculations. 1) Prepare 100 mL of 5mM ascorbic acid with 35mM ascorbic acid solution 2) Calculate the final concentration when the 5mM is diluted to 1:500 If you wanted to make 100 mL of a 5mM ascorbic acid solution and you have on hand a 35mM ascorbic

Silicon vs. Carbon Life Forms

In the movie, Lost in Space, spider-like creatures attacked members of the Robinson family as they explored an abandoned spaceship. Maureen (the mom) scans the creatures and reports that the spiders are silicon-based life-forms. (1) If silicon-based life exists, would it be able to consume carbon-based life, digest it, and u

Metabolic Pathways

Please help me with two of these questions. 9. Glucose is experimentally synthesized with C-14 at carbon 1, and used as a substrate for aerobic metabolism. Where is the label at the end of glycolysis? Draw the glycolysis product with the labeled carbon circled or highlighted. Now take that glycolysis product a little farther.

What is the yield of ATP

What is the yield of ATP when each of the following substrates is completely oxidized to CO2 by a mammalian cell homogenate? Assume that glycolysis, the citric cycle and oxidative phosphorylation are fully active. a) Pyruvate b) NADH c) Fructose 1,6-biphosphate d) Glucose e) Dihydroxyacetone phosphate (Plea

ATP Production From Oxidization Of Ethanol

Ethanol is oxidized in the liver to form acetate, which is converted to acetyl-CoA. Determine how many molecules of ATP are produced from 1 mol of ethanol. Note that 2 mol of NADH are produced when ethanol is oxidized to form acetate.

Net charge on peptide

Consider this peptide: Phe-Glu-Ser-Met What is the net charge of this peptide at ph=1 What is the net charge of this peptide at ph=7

Enzyme and Endocrine Disruptor Clarifications

Which of these apply to Enzymes A. The majority of chemical reactions in our bodies do not require enzymes. B. Enzymes are functional proteins C. Enzymes get used up as part of a reaction D. Cyto chrome P-450 is an example of an enzyme that helps to oxidize chemicals in the body. E. Biotransformation of toxins could not o


A friend insists that all mutagens are dangerous. How would you respond?

Determining Km and Vmax

I have made a lineweaver-burk graph with some data, but I don't know how to determine Vmax and Km from it? Would you please give me an example of how to do it. Please make a lineweaver-graph with some values and tell me how to determine Km and Vmax. I can figure out the slope from the graph, but cannot figure out Y and x in Y

Biochemistry and Molecular Characteristics

Question #1: (1 point) In the urea cycle, the molecule that is synthesized in the cytosol and transported to the mitochondrial matrix for subsequent reactions is a.) citrulline b.) ornithine c.) argininosuccinate d.) aspartate e.) carbamoyl-phosphate Question #2: (1 point) Inosine 5'-phosphate is a precursor to which

Calculation of Fractional Saturation of Protein in GDP / GTP

Guanyl nucleotide regulatory proteins (N) alter cell function based on the type of guanyl nucleotide occupying the nucleotide site on the protein. The affinity of this site for guanyl nucleotides is to a certain extent under hormonal control. Given a Ka of the site for guanyl nucleotides of 3 x 10^7 M in the presence of hormon

Beta-Oxidation of Odd and Even Carbon Fatty Acids

1 BCH-100 Fall 2007 BLH #13 (4 points) Question #1: (0.8 point) How many acetyl CoA's will come from a 12 carbon acyl-CoA? a.) 5 b.) 6 c.) 7 d.) 12 e.) none Question #2: (0.8 point) How many acetyl CoA's will come from a 13 carbon acyl-CoA? a.) 5 b.) 6 c.) 7 d.) 12 e.) none Question #3: (0.8 point) How many p