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    LDL + VLDL cholesterol discussion for biochemistry students

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    LDL particles have a higher percent content of cholesterol and cholesterol esters than VLDL particles. Describe the catabolism of the VLDL particles that occurs in the circulation and how this accounts for the increased content of cholesterol in the LDL particles. Describe the mechanism by which peripheral tissues take up and extract cholesterol from the LDL particles.

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    Catabolism of VLDL in circulation:

    In blood plasma, nascent VLDL particles form bonds with proteins (such as C apoproteins). These proteins have functional relation for the catabolism of VLDL. Triglyceride ...

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    This explanation contains two sections related to cholesterol metabolism. The first is the nature of VLDL catabolism in circulation. The second component is a step by step outline of the mechanism for extraction of cholesterol from LDL particles in peripheral tissues.