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    Cholesterol Level Testing

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    We have conducted cholesterol level testing for 5 people before and after treatment to interpret the results:

    person1(male,normal weight),before treatment cholesterol level was 175-200 and later treatment stayed the same 175-200
    person2(male,normal weight),before was 250-300, after stayed same 250-300
    person3(female,overweight)before was 200-225, after became 225-250
    person4(female,normal weight)before was 175-200, after stayed the same 175-200
    person5(male,overweight),before 225-250, after stayed same 225-250

    1- Why were the results not expected? I mean we supposed to get better results after the treatment. What is the problem?

    2- Did the patients' body weight correlate with their cholesterol levels revealed by the initial testing? Why or why not?

    3- Patient#2 did not seem to respond to the program. What might be a reason? What steps could be taken to assist the patient in reducing cholesterol levels?

    4- What are some of the functions of cholesterol in the human body?

    5- Define the following terms:
    a- atherosclerosis
    b- LDL
    c- HDL
    d- hypertension
    e- triglyceride

    6- How is the risk factor for cardiac disease calculated using the HDL and LDL values?

    Can you please also summarize my results in just one paragraph?

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    The cholesterol levels of five patients were measured before and after a treatment to lower cholesterol. The cholesterol levels of four of the patients stayed the same after treatment while the cholesterol levels of the remaining patient rose slightly. The patients whose cholesterol levels stayed the same were two men of normal weight, a woman of normal weight, and an overweight man. The patient whose cholesterol levels rose was an overweight woman.


    There are many reasons why we did not find lower cholesterol levels after treatment. Some of these are:

    * The treatment actually doesn't work.
    * The treatment would work if combined with a healthy diet and/or exercise (we don't have any evidence of what the patients ate or did).
    * The treatment would work in most people, but doesn't work in these specific people due to chance or some factor that we don't know about. If we had a larger sample size, we might see results.
    * The treatment will only work in a small subset of the population.
    * The treatment lowers (or raises) LDL, but this is offset by an ...