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    Eight hypothesis testing problems

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    The mean and serum level in 12 patients 24 hours after they recieved a newly proposed anitbiotic was 1.2

    7.1 if the mean and standard deviation of the serum are 1 and 0.4 then using a signifigance level of 0.05 test if the mean serum level of this group is diff from the general population.

    7.2 what is the p-value for the test
    7.3 Suppose x-u(0)/s/sqrtn=-1.52 and a one sample test is performed on 7 subjects what is the two tailed p-value?
    7.4 Suppose the sample standard deviation of serum created in prob 7.1 is 0.6. Assume that the standard deviation of serum creatine is not known and preform the hypothesis test in prob 7.1 report a p-value.

    the mean plasma glucose in 35-44 year olds is 4.86 with a standard deviation of 0.54 s dtudy of 100 sedentary people is planned to test if they have a higher or lower level of plasma glucose than the next generation

    7.5 If the expected diff in units is 0.2 then what is the power of such a study if a two sided test is to be used with alpha=0.05

    7.6 answer problem 7.5 if the exp diff is 0.3
    7.7 How many people would need to be studied to have 80% power under the assumptions in 7.5

    7.26 The serum cholesterol level in a pop of 24 people was taken. They were between the ages of 20-39 the mean cholesteral was 175 with a standard dev of 35
    test the hypothesis that the people in this survey have diff cholesterol level than the general pop.

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