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    Liptor, Bile Salts and Cholesterol

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    For lipitor, bile salt, and cholesterol and with knowledge of intermolecular forces, explain the following:

    a. Which of the three will dissolve in blood and why?

    b. LDL (bad cholsterol) stands for Low Density Lipoprotein - that is- chlosterol (lipid) surrounded by protein. HDL (good cholosterol) stands for High Density Lipoprotein. What role would you expect the protein to play in relation to the cholosterol molecule? (amines, amides, and carboxylic acids are parts of proteins, think of their properties)

    c. Lipitor blocks production of chlosterl in the liver. In addition to this reduction of the serum level of cholsterol, HDL acts to remove LDL from the bloodstream. How might this occur?

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    a) Bile Salt....Bile consists of solid materials dissolved in liquid, much like sugar or salt dissolve in water. Bile salts help the body digest fats.

    b) Cholesterol molecules, which align themselves with the fatty acyl chains of the phospholipids in a bilayer, affect membrane fluidity by preventing the tight packing of the long hydrocarbon tails. As a ...

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