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    Absorption of glucose, fructose, amino acids, and chylomicrons.

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    Explain where in or on the VILLI the following are absorbed: Glucose, fructose, amino acids, and chylomicrons. I need to know the exact locations in or on the villi where they are absorbed.

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    Essentially all carbohydrates are absorbed as monosaccharides. They pass through the apical or free surface of the villus either by facilitated diffusion or active transport. Fructose passes in through facilitated diffusion. Glucose enters the epithelial cells of the villus by secondary active transport, coupled to the active transport of sodium ions. Once the monosaccharides enter the epithelial cells, they pass through on the opposite side (basal surface) by facilitated diffusion. Then they enter the capillaries of the villus.

    Amino acids are absorbed by active ...

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    The absorption of glucose, fructose, amino acids and chylomicrons are examined.