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Lipids (fats) are esters of long chain fatty acids and glycerol. Similarly, describe the general structures of proteins and carbohydrates. In other words, what are the monomers that these biological polymers are composed of?

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The solution determines the monomers that the biological polymers are composed of.

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Polymers are any kind of large molecules made of repeating identical or similar subunits called monomers. The starch and cellulose (carbohydrates) are polymers of glucose, which in that case, is the monomer. Proteins are polymers of about 20 amino acids (the monomer).

Amino acids are built from a central carbon bonded to four different groups. Most naturally-occurring amino acids are the l- form, whereas synthetically-produced amino acids give a 50:50 mixture. These molecules are mirror images of each other, thus there is no way one molecule can be rotated to make it look like the other.
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