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    Polymers and Monomers

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    Explain the difference between polymers and monomers in 150 words give examples

    Write down the structure of a protein with four building blocks.

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    The terms polymer and monomer were derived from the Greek roots poly (many), mono (one) and meros (parts).
    From the name itself one can understand that, polymers are large molecules made up of small units called monomers. When monomer units are connected to each other and repeated, it becomes a polymer.
    The main difference is in the size of the molecule; polymers are very large and have molecular weights of the order of thousands while monomer units have small molecular weights.
    The main differences are given below.
    Monomers are very small and mostly soluble in water
    Monomers pass in/out of biological cells easily
    Polymers are extremely large and do not enter or leave cells except ...

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