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    Defluorination & adhesion properties

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    Using ion bombardment-If Teflon is defluorinated to increase it's adhesion properties, then what would the changes in surface characteristics be? I'm trying to use this information so that I can decide what techniques I'd use to analyze the surface to see if the method worked. So basically, I don't understand what removing flourine by ion bombardment does to the surface properties/configuration. Please help!

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    Replacement of fluorine in fluorocarbon polymers like Teflon is only commercially successful when the fluorine is replaced by hydrogen or hydrogen and chlorine. The resulting polymers have significantly different properties from those of fully fluorinated teflon. When this substitution occurs by regular alternation, polarity and mechanical properties are maximized. The polymer's ...

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    The expert examines defluorination and adhesion properties. The surface properties and configurations are given.