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    Abdominopelvic Regions

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    List five of the nine abdominopelvic regions. Associate two organs that are located in each region and discuss how they work to sustain life?

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    Five of the regions and their organs are:

    Epigastric -

    Stomach: Used in initial digestion of food before it is transfered into the small intestine in order to supply the body with nutrients.

    Esophagus: Used to transfer food from the oral cavity to the stomach.

    Umbilical -

    Small Intestine: Used to absorb nutrients from digested food into the body's blood stream.

    Colon: Used to eliminate waste from the intestines, blood and lymph systems.

    Hypogastric -

    Rectum: The rectum is a muscular ...

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    This solution explains the organs in the abdominopelvic regions and how they work.