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    Drawing Structures and Hydrogen Bonds of Water

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    1. a. Draw the structure of dihydroxyacetone (show all bonds).

    b. Draw the structure again (showing all bonds), and this time indicate the H bonding of dihydroxyacetone to water. Remember which atoms form H bonds -- you've seen this "rule" several times. Also, each (uncharged) oxygen atom participates in 2 H bonds -- one for each of its unshared pair of electrons.

    c. Based on the H bonding you showed above, do you expect dihydroxyacetone to be quite water soluble or not -- in either case, explain your answer.

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    a and b) See attachment

    c) Due to the multiple hydrogen bonds that this compound ...

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    In this solution the structure of dihydroxyacetone is considered, and the hydrogen bonds that can form with water are indicated. Then this information is used to decide generally how water-soluble dihydroxyacetone will be.