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    Short essays in biochemistry

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    Short essays:

    A. Discuss the various components of protein structure (ie, the final three-dimensional shape is the final result of these components of structure). What is denaturation of a protein?

    B. Discuss how a soap works to cut grease. Diagram a glob of grease which has been emulsified by micelle formation.

    C. Cellulose and starch are both polymers of glucose. Explain the difference in their structures and why people can digest starch but not cellulose!

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    Protein Structure

    The primary structure of a protein is the linear sequence of amino acids, each one attached to the next through an amide (peptide) bond. This is an amide bond:


    This linear sequence; however, can form highly regular local structures. These local motifs are called secondary structure. The two main types are the alpha-helix and the beta-pleated sheet. Secondary structures are stabilized by regularly spaced hydrogen bonds. Now, when all of the various secondary structural regions as well as all of the random coiled regions, etc. get put together, then we have the complete three dimensional structure of the protein. This ...

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    The solution writes three short essays explaining the denaturation of protein, how grease is emulsified, and the differences in the digestion of starch and cellulose.