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    Plotting a titration curve for Ala and His

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    Here is the problem:

    1. Assume you have a solution containing 0.1 mol of Ala adjusted to pH = 0.5 with HCl. You begin adding 1.0 M NaOH. Plot (do not sketch) the resulting titration curve (pH vs. moles NaOH added) showing all inflection points. Show your calculations and be sure to state your assumptions.

    2. Plot a similar titration curve for a solution containing 0.1 mol of His at pH = 0.5. (pKa values: Ala: alpha-COOH = 2.3, alpha-NH2 = 9.7; His: alpha-COOH = 1.8, alpha-NH2 = 9.2, Imidazole = 6.0).

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    Anyway, here goes. I've been trying to work on this response for awhile but the website has had some technical difficulties lately... my apologies. Your task is to explore the acid-base properties of ...

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