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Personality and Belief Systems

Case study of personality

Below is a case we are looking at in my study group and these are the questions we were asked to be able to answer. I am looking for a different perspective then my own. *Describe Donnaâ??s traits based on the information provided in the case study. *Apply the Five-Factor Model to assess Donna, including the OCEAN acronym.

Defense mechanisms and anxiety

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Explain how defense mechanisms relate to anxiety. Select one primitive and immature defense mechanism and one mature defense mechanism. Describe each of these mechanisms. Indicate why people might use each mechanism.

Controversies in Psychology

Discuss at least 2 specific theories of personality that can help to explain how culture, ethnicity and race may influence behavior and why a psychologist needs to take these factors into account. Response is 704 plus 2 references.

Gender differences

Compare and contrast theoretical views on personality based on gender differences in early adulthood. Integrate the Zucker, Ostrove, and Stewart article into your discussion.

Personality Tests Comparisons

Can you help me with the following question? Explain the main differences between objectively scored personality tests and projective tests. Describe a situation in which you would use each kind of test and why.

Unethical research studies

Unethical Research Studies Many people believe the participants in the Tuskegee syphilis study were infected with syphilis by the investigators. Although the records indicate the infected men had contracted syphilis prior to entering the study, they were treated unethically in other ways. One unethical act was the fact they we

Alfred Adler Personality Analysis of Bella from Twilight is briefly given.

1) How would Alfred Adler view the behavior of Bellla? 2) What are Adler's primary theories/concepts about personality that would apply to Bella? 3) Why is Adler's approach accurate at explaining Bella? 4) How would Adler's theories of personality be used to analyze Bella? 5) How would a psychologists, such as Adler

Theories of Personality

Looking for information on Karen Horney Psychonalytic Social theory verse Freud Psychonalysis.

Personality Traits - 5 Traits Theory

Back in the 1970â??s two research teams (Paul Costa and Robert McCrae (National Institutes of Health), and Warren Norman ( University of Michigan)/Lewis Goldberg ( University of Oregon)) discovered that most human personality traits can be boiled down to five broad dimensions of personality, regardless of language or cultu


Jenni is a 38 year old woman of Middle Eastern heritage. She is meticulously dressed, color coordinated and carefully groomed. She has lived in this country most of her life. Jenni is married with 3 children, ages 17, 14 and 10. Jenni is open and disclosive during your initial session. She hands you a neat and orderly list of

Personality Theory

-Select one personality theory that has influenced your beliefs and assumptions about people -Explain how your selected theory influences your understanding of the personalities and behaviors of people in society and in the workplace -Explain how your selected theory influences your role in society and in the workplace, along

Systematic Influences on Personality Development

Can you help me with the following: Examine systematic influences on personality development by exploring the following personal factors: Abuse Cognitive Abilities (One or two more subtopics need to be listed) *This section will need three or four sentences introducing the influence of personal factors. Please use

Therapist and client concerns with personality assessment

How would a therapist explain in lay terms to his or her clients the purpose of personality assessment? What would be some of the challenges in explaining the test instructions and what questions might the clients ask the therapist. What or how might the therapist address, within the limits of the tests, standardized administr

Bias in personality tests and counselor solutions

Give an analysis of one of the personality tests (MMPI-2, NEO PI-R, or BSI) relative to its potential bias against or for a particular culture, diversity group, or special needs population. What can a therapist do to counter this potential bias?

Social-Emotional Identity and Personality

1-What are the differences among prejudice, stereotype, acculturation (phases of acculturation), and discrimination? What are some questions you could use to determine the individualâ??s degree of acculturation? 2-What are the similarities and differences among self, identity, and personality? What do you believe to be the

Type A Personality Style

From the recent research, it turns out that the "Type A personality style" can be broken down into 2 distinct groups - hostile and non-hostile Type As. Which group suffers the greater incidence of cardiovascular disease?

The environment

Does the environment play a vital part of what we as a people become?

Applying the perspective of personality

Rick is the CEO of a small company. He shows up every day to the office in an Armani suit and tie and is very professional with his staff. Meetings are also held in a professional atmosphere where the time is planned carefully and only professional matters are discussed. His employees respect him and he is considered a fair b

Carl Jung

1.What does Jung mean by "personality type"? 2. How is this concept different from the personality type concept that comes from Freudian theory? Use specific examples.

Dispositional Personality

I need a overview of strengths and limitations of Allport's Psychology of the Individual Theory. I just need to make sure I am understanding what this theory really means.

Personality construct help

What are some key personality features that define you What key concepts or "constructs" are used to explain your personality Are your personality features consistent or do they change according to the situation