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Personality and Belief Systems

Western personality theory

Do you think we can apply a Western personality theory to a multi-cultural society who shares different belief systems than Westerners? Why or why not?

Freud- Divisions of the Mind

On his website Changing Minds (, Clinical Psychologist Don Bannister has described Freud's position on the human personality as "...a battlefield. He is a dark-cellar in which a well-bred spinster lady (the superego) and a sex-crazed monkey (the id) are forever engaged in mortal combat, the strugg

Major Differences

Please help me clarify some information about what Freud and Maslow say about humans on a more philosophical level and Carl Rogers humanistic theory/approach to psychotherapy. I am stuck on the following questions: 1. What are the major differences between the psychodynamic and humanistic theory? 2. Between psychodynam

Projective Techniques

Give examples of projective techniques and reasons why these types of evaluations would be used. Describe the differences between personality measures and interest and and reasons Give examples of each type of measure ons why one measure would be chosen to evaluate an individual over the other measure.

Theory and personality overview

Summarize the major theoretical approaches in studying personality - psychodynamic, humanistic/existential, dispositional and learning?

Strengths and weaknesses of objective personality tests

The textbook listed four major approaches to the development of objective personality tests: 1) content, 2) criterion-keying, 3) factor analysis, and 4) theory-driven. What strengths and weaknesses of at least two of these approaches seem more significant to you, and why? TEXT: Psychology Testing: A Practical Introduct

Validity of Personality Test: Myers-Briggs

I am writing about 250 words concerning information about personality test the reliability and validity. The test I took was the (Jung) Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool at Thank you and have a great day!

Projective and Objective Personality Tests

Task: Compare and contrast a specific projective measure of personality (Rorschach or TAT) and an objective measure of personality (MMPI or Myers-Briggs) and the theories that underlie them.

Personality Test

When is personality testing appropriate for counseling? Explain the types of personality test(s) that is used in counseling (objective, projective, or both) and provide a rational for the selection of personality test.

Personality Assessment Used By Courts

3. How are the results of a personality assessment used by the courts, employers, therapists, and the educational system? What are the ethical implications for each of these uses?

Erikson's Personality Theory

1. Explain how a selected theory will influence your understanding of the personalities and behaviors of people in society and in the workplace. In addition, explain how a selected theory will influence a role in society and in the workplace, along with your interactions with others. 2. Could you please include at least t


1. What is temperament? Please provide an example. 2. Does the environment impact personality traits? If so, how? If not, how do people change?

Human Expressions.

Examine systemic influences on personality development by exploring the following factors: 1) Cultural factors (immigration, urban living, etc.) Three references please.

Personality Assessment Instrument

Please help so that I can address the following: Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of MYERS-BRIGGS,MILLION INVENTORIES (MCMI & MACI), CALIFORNIA PERSONALITY INVENTORY (CPI) personality assessment instruments. to examine the following items for each instrument: 1) Validity 2) Comprehensiveness

Personality disorders, life experiences

1. identify some of the different personality disorders. how these personality disorders would impact an individual's social and occupational roles in society. examine how different life experiences may have influenced the development of the disorders. 2. identify a personal characteristic trait. a list of six questions t

Personality development and life experiences

Discuss at least three of your personality characteristics. Using your life experiences, explain how these characteristics were developed. Such life experiences could include the following items: a. Early development b. Family and social relationships c. Educational background II. Finally, assess how

Personality theory discussion.

1. Using internet resources, which personality theory do you think offers the best explanation for how an individual's personality develops? Personality development begins at a young age. How does the theory you picked explain the development of personality as a child grows and matures? Defend your answer including citations of