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Personality Theory : Research studies and ethics

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Unethical Research Studies
Many people believe the participants in the Tuskegee syphilis study were infected with syphilis by the investigators. Although the records indicate the infected men had contracted syphilis prior to entering the study, they were treated unethically in other ways. One unethical act was the fact they were not told about medicine that could have helped them.
Summarize why this was unethical and explain this to someone you know. Write down what the person said when you explained what happened.

Find out if the participants in the Tuskegee study were told what the purpose of the study was. If not, what were they told, and what is this tactic commonly called? Additionally, look for Web sites that have stated the facts incorrectly. See if you can find any Web sites that have correctly reported the facts. Mention which at least one Web site that is correctly reporting the facts and one Web site that is not.

Cite any sources you use using the correct APA format on a separate page.
Analyzed and explained why the act was unethical.

Presented the reaction of the person whom you told about the unethical study

Examined if the participants in the Tuskegee study were told what the purpose of the study was, and if they were not, explained what they were told and what this tactic is commonly called

Researched, examined, and recorded information about one Web site correctly reporting the facts and one that does not

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Research studies and ethics

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