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Holland's Personality-Job Fit Theory and Harlow's Rhesus Monkey Ethics

According to Holland's personality-job fit theory, what occupations might be a good match for your personality?

Were Harlow and his colleagues acting ethically when they separated young rhesus monkeys from their mother and raised them with either a wire or cloth "mother"? Why or Why not?

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Holland's theory revolves around 6 different attributes which he believed to be strong suits that fit particular trades better than others. For example, one of these attributes is investigative - critical thinking, logical, analytic, curious. Holland postulates that people who have this attribute, and strongly so, fit into certain jobs better than others who don't have as strong of this particular attribute. For example, those who are strongly inquisitive tend to fit into fields of medicine, research, etc. better.

His theory outlines 6 attributes: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional, all with their own set of personality traits, and all of which Holland suggests have particular fields people ...

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The expert examines job fit theory and Harlow's Rhesus Monkey Ethics.