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nature vs nurture debate

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What is the current assessment on the nature vs. nurture debate, in the study of personality theory?

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Background Research Debate and Hot issues:

Interesting debate over the topic of the role of environmental and
hereditary influences sparks further inquiry into the various related
aspects of both these factors.

In theory, over the course of the development of the research field of
personality development and as proponents and researchers of trait
theory indicate, it can be safely stated that personality changes do
take place at some point in time. The research suggests that around 30
years of age, people do change - the bulk total of their life
experiences and social conditions that they have either thrived in,
strived against and barely survived, can all have very poignant effects
of the personality crystallization of people - not all, bit many
people. The very unique disposition of people, can predispose them to a
sudden change and/ or a slower change in their thought processes, in
their behaviors and mannerisms, & in their over all direction in life,
that they may take.

Contemporary ...

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role of environmental and
hereditary influences

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