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Perspective of Personality

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Rick is the CEO of a small company. He shows up every day to the office in an Armani suit and tie and is very professional with his staff. Meetings are also held in a professional atmosphere where the time is planned carefully and only professional matters are discussed. His employees respect him and he is considered a fair boss but little is known of his personal life. He is cordial but does not invite conversation outside of work matters. After finishing a major project, Rick decides to hold a company picnic. At the picnic he is dressed in a polo shirt and khakis. He is friendly, relaxed, and takes an active role in serving the food to all the employees. At first, his employees are unsure how to respond but slowly start to relax. Later when he overhears a group of employees discussing the previous nightâ??s basketball game, he joins the conversation with enthusiasm and debates over which were the best plays of the night. He asks Linda about her mother, who had recently been hospitalized. Linda was unaware that Rick knew about the incident. On Monday, Rick is dressed in his Armani suit and tie and nods cordially to his employees as he heads to his office.

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From the perspective of personality, Rick the CEO of a small company did change through his person-situation interactions. Here is how he changed during each event along with much examination. With the first situation that is in his office he acts normally, but I did notice that he does not invite conversation outside of work matters. In essence, he will not talk about personal life within the work environment, which is understandable, and makes perfect sense. For someone to discuss his or her own personal life within a business environment can easily come across as unprofessional, and he or she may dwell on it during the course of the workday, and fail to get the necessary projects that have deadlines done with ...

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This solution provided a solution to a change in personality in a scenario in which a CEO's behavior changed within certain situations.

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