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    Personality and Belief Systems

    Good and Bad in Adler's Personality Theory

    Could you help me with a project that I'm doing on Alfred Adler's theory of personality? I require an expert opinion on the following questions: What are some of the things that you like about Alfred Adler's theory of personality? What are some of the things that you dislike about Alfred Adler's theory of personality?

    Behavior Therapy (Benefits & Drawbacks)

    Describe one benefit of behavior therapy in the practice of mental health counseling. Describe one deficit of behavior therapy in the practice of mental health counseling.

    Psychopathology: Personality Disorder

    Case Study - Personality Disorders Chaotic lifestyles, chronic life interruptions, fractured support systems, and frayed identities collectively describe some of the characteristics of individuals who suffer with personality disorders. Individuals with personality disorders are similar to children navigating through life co

    Personality Continuum

    Please help with the following problem: Some theories argue about individuals falling onto a continuum in terms of personality. I would have to agree that there is no "one-size-fits all" manner of describing the various personality traits/characteristics. I would also agree that as we cross the life span we may shift from on

    Defining personality

    Is there a single definition of personality? If so, what is it? If not, why? If you can can you add a citation.

    Personality and Time Management

    Assess your time management skills by reading the article below - "Knowledge of Type Determines How You use Time Management!" What does personality have to do with time management? Is there a personality type that is better at time management? Explain. Knowledge of Type Determines How You use Time Management! We do not all

    Personality Aspects

    Please name and briefly describe two of the many possible explanations for people's aggression and hatred. Which explanation makes the most sense? Why? What are the weaknesses of this approach?

    Psychology of Personality

    a) How can theories of personality be applied to modern problems and issues? b) What is meant by the term designer personality and do we have ways of creating anything close to this today? What are the advantages and Disadvantages? c) Describe three positive potentialities of the human genome project, and two negative p

    Cognitive and Social-Cognitive Aspects of Personality

    What are the individual differences in explanatory style (e.g., optimism and pessimism) and the constructs of learned helplessness. Explain how vicarious learning occurs and what are some of the things that determine whether or not a learned behavior is actually performed, and give an example of vicarious learning in persona

    How gender effects diagnoses of personality disorders

    A brief explanation of how gender may influence diagnoses of clients with personality disorders. Then, explain one controversy associated with the diagnosis of women with borderline personality disorder and one controversy associated with the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder in men.

    Analysis of one of the personality tests: MMPI-2, NEO-PI-R or BSI

    All psychological assessment tests, including those instruments used to assess personality, are at risk of exhibiting bias. When reviewing the manuals for each of the personality tests, the MMPI-2, NEO PI-R, and the BSI, consider whether any of these instruments exhibit a potential bias for or against any particular culture, div

    Psychoanalytic Aspects of Personality

    What are the five stages of Freudian psychosexual development and briefly describe each. How can understanding of Freud's stages be useful in modern consideration of personality? Discuss the difference between the pleasure principle and the reality principle. How might these be observed in adult behavior? Define the Id, Ego,

    Eight Basic Perspectives on Personality

    Explain the eight basic perspectives on personality and what are the usefulness of studying the eight perspectives of personality psychology? (The eight basic perspectives on personality are Psychoanalytic, Neo-analytic. Cognitive, Biological, Behaviorist, Trait/skill, Humanistic/existential and Person-situation interactionist)

    History of Personality Assessment

    World events can often drive and direct scientific investigation. This is certainly true when it comes to personality assessment. Historical events from the first half of the twentieth century played an important role in the development of various personality assessment instruments. In particular, World War I and II prompted the

    Personality Inventory

    Tisha recently completed a personality inventory as a part of her executive training program. She was supposed to receive a printout of her results but got only the first page of the packet. This page indicated that she scored moderately high in Openness to Experience as well as Agreeableness, very high in Conscientiousness and

    Diagnosing a Personality Disorder

    Give a summary of the primary (Axis I or II) diagnosis of an Antisocial personality disorder as well as a brief description of a treatment approach you would recommend. Then, explain how the diagnosis informs treatment planning.

    Personality Definition and Assessment

    In your own words, describe personality. What are your thoughts regarding the usefulness of personality tests? Consider the use of personality assessment in hiring practices, the military, college applications, etc. Compare and contrast two types of personality assessment you read about in the text. To do this, you may want to e

    Personalities Across Cultures

    How would one measure personalities across cultures and should the cultural differences be evaluated when assessing personality? It seems to me that if there could be research assessments to measure personalities that it would help dissuade conflict in certain circumstances. I know how bad my personality conflicts with certain t

    Personality Assessment and Diagnosis of Meka Charleine

    Case Study/ Meka Charleine Briefly describe Mrs Meka Charleine personality in terms of one of the following personality factors: productiveness, assertiveness, sociability, individuality, well-being, or submissiveness based on the Adjective check list. Describe how the "Adjective Check List" results compare to the previous

    Personality Descriptors Identified by Adler

    Please provide a discussion of 200-300 words on personality descriptors identified by Adler, associated with birth order positions with appropriate citing of reading materials. The link to the text and other necessary files are attached.

    Harry Harlow Personality Theories

    I need assistance with this research on Harry Harlow. It requires 5 pages about one of the personality theories. Include information about the theorist, theory development, relate the theory to modern theories and/or applications, and discuss why this theory is important today. APA format (title page, references, ci

    The History and Theory of Personality

    Please help with these questions to incorporate them into the response. The history part of Freud and Rogers is already completed but the following questions need to be discussed: Discuss one aspect of their theory that would be different if they were alive and working today. Discuss the impact society and culture made on ea

    Changes in Regard to Personality Disorders in the Coming DSM-5

    Significant changes are on the horizon with regard to personality disorders in the coming DSM-5. The authors of the source articles are members of the committee reviewing the personality disorders, so it is likely in fact that there will be significant changes made. Discussion: As time passes, new disorders arise, some cha

    Study of Personality: Allport and Murray

    Both Allport and Murray emphasized the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the study of personality. What contributions to the understanding of personality can be made by disciplines such as literature, anthropology, history and mythology? Note: Think about cultural differences; think about cultural sameness. And when

    Contrasting Personality Theories

    What is the basic or underlying assumption in regards to psychodynamic and existential theories? What are the limitations and strengths of the two? Many situations within these theories have contrasts of determination vs free will as well as awareness of self in comparison to unconcious behavior. In this matter, how would the th

    Holland's Personality-Job Fit Theory and Harlow's Rhesus Monkey Ethics

    According to Holland's personality-job fit theory, what occupations might be a good match for your personality? Were Harlow and his colleagues acting ethically when they separated young rhesus monkeys from their mother and raised them with either a wire or cloth "mother"? Why or Why not?