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Personality Inventory

Tisha recently completed a personality inventory as a part of her executive training program. She was supposed to receive a printout of her results but got only the first page of the packet. This page indicated that she scored moderately high in Openness to Experience as well as Agreeableness, very high in Conscientiousness and Extroversion, and low in Neuroticism. However, the page offered no analysis of these findings because the analysis was part of the missing pages.

She has contacted HR to obtain the remaining pages of her feedback because she is interested in knowing what the results mean.

Based on the Big Five model of personality, explain the findings to Tisha. Include the explanations of each dimension of personality, and provide examples of each. Be sure to discuss research findings regarding personality measures and job performance.

Detail how the predictors of performance could be used to predict Tisha's success as a manager. Do you think Tisha's personality test suggest that she will be a successful manager? Why or Why not?

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The Big Five personality traits are summarized below (1):

Openness - open-minded, an interest in art, emotional, adventurous, very imaginative, always looking for new ideas and often curious.

Conscientiousness - typically self-disciplined, result oriented and structured, tradition and dutiful. Has a tendency to show self-discipline and aim for achievement.

Extraversion - high energy level, people person, and an extrovert. Has a tendency to seek stimulation and the company of others.

Agreeableness - ...

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Describes the Big Five Personality Traits Theory and describes what each trait represents.