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Personality Aspects for Aggression and Hatred

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Please name and briefly describe two of the many possible explanations for people's aggression and hatred. Which explanation makes the most sense? Why? What are the weaknesses of this approach?

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A discussion regarding explanations for aggression and hatred including which explanation makes the most sense and weaknesses of that approach. 410 words, 2 references.

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One theory that could provide an explanation for people's aggression and anger is from Dr. Robert Sternberg in 2005. Sternberg suggests that there are three main factors that attribute to hate and anger. They are:

1. A steady avoidance of interacting with others that we don't like - This leads to very few facts and understandings of those who are different from us and without steady interaction, there is little information to dispel rumors we hear about them (Tucker-Ladd, 2004).

2. "A strong emotional reaction of passionate anger, contempt and disgust or dislike for our enemies" (Tucker-Ladd, 2004, p. 14). - These negative feelings become conditioned within us the more we entertain and practice them. They will ...

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