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Biological Factors that Influence the Formation of Personality

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Describe biological factors that could have a hand in the formation of personality.

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Biological factors that influence the formation of personality include:

- Genetics
Genetics or heredity concerns a person's heritage and to whom he or she is born. At the very least, heredity determines physical components of a person, and the physical components of a person help determine how a person sees him or herself. Other theorists believe that genetics play a role in intelligence, etc., but that is debatable.

- Disease
Essentially, too much or too little of any substance/nutrient/vitamin can put a body in a less-than healthy state. This can affect the mind and, eventually, a person's personality. A starving person has a different personality at the point of starvation than a person who is well-fed.

- Neurological/chemical items and drugs
These play a role because drugs can affect a person's personality immediately (arousal, sedateness, neurotic, etc.) In addition, neurochemical effects are explained well in the next passage, borrowed from the following website: ...

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This solution examines biological factors that could influence the formation of personality and explains how they might do so with the aid of an exhaustive reference.

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