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Personality Definition and Assessment

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In your own words, describe personality. What are your thoughts regarding the usefulness of personality tests? Consider the use of personality assessment in hiring practices, the military, college applications, etc. Compare and contrast two types of personality assessment you read about in the text. To do this, you may want to extend your understanding by finding Web sites on personality assessments. Which do you think would provide the most accurate interpretation of a personality? Why?

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Personality is who we are and is what makes you "you". Personality tests that are taken can be accurate to a point; however, should they be used by future employers, Universities, and even the government? I think not. Just how accurate are these tests?

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Personality is the characteristics of who we are as a person, our feelings, our behavior, our qualities, temperament, emotions, and our personal traits all rolled into one. Our personality is what makes each one of us unique and an individual.

At first I was a little skeptical about taking these tests. I thought to myself, 'How can answering some ...

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