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    systematic influences on personality development

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    Can you help me with the following:

    Examine systematic influences on personality development by exploring the following personal factors:

    Cognitive Abilities

    (One or two more subtopics need to be listed)

    *This section will need three or four sentences introducing the influence of personal factors. Please use the subheadings to allow for thorough information.

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    Let's take a closer look at information form various sources, which you can draw on for your final copy. I also attached two articles that I drew from for further exploration.


    Lownthal (n.d) "describes the negative neurological, psychological, and cognitive effects from this maltreatment.
    Neurological effects of abuse."

    Neurological effects of abuse

    Research suggests that abuse has a profound effect on a child's development. For example, according to Stermer (1997, as cited in Lowenthal, n.d).), a young child's neurodevelopment can be delayed "by a lack of sensory experiences during the critical process of brain development, because they are necessary for the optimal organization of the brain." As well, according to Perry (1993, as cited in Lowenthal, n.d) , neurodelopment is impacted when extremely traumatic and chaotic environments cause an abnormal activation of neuron patterns in the child's brin when subjected to abue that is caused by extremely traumatic life experiences like maltreatment and neglect. Abusive environments like these also can cause the malfunctioning of the regions of the brain responsible for the regulation of affect, empathy, and emotions. As well, Nash (1997, (as cited in Lowenthal, n.d). argues "that constant abuse ...

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    Neurological effects of abuse are also encompassed. References are also provided to justify the assertions.