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Effects of personality traits on social and occuptl choices

-Discuss three personality characteristics
-Explain how these characteristics were developed using the following life experiences: early development, family and social relationships, educational background

Assess how these characteristics have influenced your social and occupational choices.

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Three key personality qualities, which can shape a person's social and career choices, may include:
Every person has different set of core qualities or traits, which define how that person may act, throughout her or his entire life, under different situations.
From early training by parents as care givers to the broader social influences in the extended family, community and at school, over-time, gradual and consistent training in these qualities, their encouragement and expectation to turn into a really sensible and responsible young individual, enabled in cultivating these qualities and stand by them in all social and career decisions ever made.
Honesty allows for being clear of anything unclear or dishonest. It rules with credibility and inspires trust in others to be a leader, who gains respect for the trust that an honest person, rightfully, may command.
Helpfulness goes along way in ensuring that people are served when in ...

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Effects of personality traits on social and occupational choices