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Twin studies on personality traits

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Have you heard of this story? This story has to do with genetic approaches that have contributed to our understanding of personality. Here is an example of a story about two identical twins.

What is your take on this story?

Would you conclude that all these similarities are due to heredity? Why

Briefly how would you sum this story as relating to how heritable are personality traits?

Identical twin Gerald Levy and Mark Newman were separated at birth and raised in different cities. When they were reunited at age 31, they discovered some astounding similarities. Both were volunteer firefighters, wore mustaches, and were unmarried. Both like to hunt, watch john Wayne movies, and eat Chinese food. They drank the same beer, held the can with the little finger curled around it, and crushed the can when it was empty.

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Twin studies for personality traits

1. There is consistent research results indicating that genetics play an important role in personality traits.
Refer to " Personality similarity in twins reared apart and together" by Tellegen, Auke; Lykken, David T.; Bouchard, Thomas J.; Wilcox, Kimerly J.; Segal, Nancy L.; Rich, Stephen, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 54(6), ...

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The expert determines how much is personality development impacted by nature and/or environment.

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