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Personality views: past and present

How was personality viewed historically as opposed to today's views?

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Personality is the profile of stable beliefs moods and behaviors that make children and adults different in a particular society. Different children of different cultures in historical times will not be the same because the profiles vary with the society and historical era. Contemporary theorists emphasize on individual personality traits, internalized conscience, sociability, the ability to control emotion and impulse and personal achievement just to name a few.
The reason for the immature understanding of personality development is the reliance on questionnaires and responses that are filled out by parents or children. Because there is not a lot of use of behavioral observations of children the theory of personality development is not strong.
There are five hypotheses regarding the origins of personality. One is the assumption that the child's biology traits are inherited. This is called a temperamental bias which is the basis for a child's personality. According to Alexander Thomas and Stella Chess stated that there are nine temperamental dimensions and three ...

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Personality views historically are compared to today's views. A reference is also listed to promote research.