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Case study of personality

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Below is a case we are looking at in my study group and these are the questions we were asked to be able to answer. I am looking for a different perspective then my own.

*Describe Donnaâ??s traits based on the information provided in the case study.
*Apply the Five-Factor Model to assess Donna, including the OCEAN acronym.
*Explain the rationale for your assessment.
*Explain how Donna can also be described using Eysenckâ??s Three-Factor Model.
Case of Donna
Donna is a 51-year-old divorced mother of Dutch descent. She has two children, ages 10 and 12. Donna is not an outwardly demonstrable mother. However, she takes pride in making sure her children do the right thing at all times, as it causes her distress if people think poorly of her or her children. Donna is highly organized. She believes efficiency is a sign of responsibility. She detests surprises and likes to contemplate how best to plan, whether for vacations or what her children will wear to school each day. She tends to focus on the present and often copes with stress by using caffeine and nicotine. She smokes at least a pack of cigarettes each day.

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The following solution is an analysis of a case study of a woman named Donna, a 51 year old mother of two.

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Donna seems to have some narcissistic traits. Narcissists tend to be egotistical and vain. Donna is obsessed with appearances and does not want herself and her children to look bad. That is why she plans everything to the T particularly with regard to her children. Donna also exhibits traits of an anal retentive personality. She is obsessed with making sure her children do the right thing at all times. Also she appears to have a compulsive seeking of order. Donna is also a perectionist and has a persistent need to make sure everything goes according to plan and when it does not she gets upset. Whenver Donna gets upset she copes by using caffeine or smoking cigarettes. Each day she smokes a least a pack of cigarettes so she seemingly gets stressed out frequently and has a highly addictive personality. She is no doubt a loving mother, seemingly believing that her actions are for their own good but she comes off as cold and non-demonstrative as a mom.

The Five Factor model refers to the five basic ...

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