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International Politics

Realist VS Liberal Views

Compare and contrast the realist and liberal views of human nature.. If possible, can you give me some real life examples to help me better understand..

Regime Control and Power Retention

Despite having regimes known for extreme oppression, financial instability, and minimal economic growth, how has the Cuban and North Korean governments remained in power? This has to be original and not copied verbatum. There has to be at least two citations. It must be at least 500 words.

Principles of Crisis Management..

Why are the principles necessary to form and maintain relationships of multiple organizations in pursuit of public health, safety, and security?

Political 'Idealism' during the inter-war years (1919-1939)

During the period of inter-war years (1918-1939) idealism also known as liberal internationalism became the dominant ideology for both political figures and International Relations theorists. Ultimately the outbreak of World War Two proved that the idealism of this era was incapable of preserving the peace and that the fundament

I have 2 questions that I need help with please

1.Describe and assess how international law has addressed matters of trade, human rights, and the environment. How have these efforts contributed to developing or retarding the construction of global civil society? Why? Construct a 250-300 words posting in which you respond thoroughly, with at least one library source in additio

Legal and Government Systems

Need assistance in analyzing the differences between the governments and legal systems of the U.S. and two other countries. Please pick any other two countries (total of 3 countries: US, Country #1 and Country #2) United States Form of Government: Legal System Characteristics: Country #1 Form of Government:

Soviet Foreign Policy - Afghanistan

Was the Russian invasion of Afghaniston externally generated foreign policy? Did this policy result in a bungled reform? (or imperial overstretch or defective system) Please explain.

Government Power Questions

Political science based questions on the House, Senate, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, impeachment and Locke's law of nature. There is also a question on election of president and Judicial as a powerful aristocracy.

International Affairs Policy Point Paper Outline - Iran

Your outline should be presented as follows: 1. Statement of your topic, followed by a brief sentence or two describing the topic. 2. One sentence about the issue/problem you are discussing. 3. Beliefs, opinion, and details about your topic of which you are not yet sure of and which will need to be conf

Recommendations for Iran

Recommendations for Iran: 1. Offer a Diplomatic solution best for the people of Iran and the US (Should it be more specific?) 2. Offer to work with Iran on issues of common concern, including the situation in Iraq Any ideas for possible recommendations for the US? Also, do you know of any websites I can go to for the

Policy point paper on International Affairs

Hello need to do an outline for a policy point paper on International Affairs and its affect on US policy. I'm having a hard time coming up with a topic. At first I thought about the United Nations, or our troops still over in Iraq. Terrorism, Protecting the US.??? Any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Th

World politics: organizations and their usefulness

Need to identify how each of these websites are useful to the study of world politics. Secondly: Who are the sponsors of each of these organizations or the sponsor of the website??? United States Institute of Peace (, World Health Organization (, Arms Control Association (http://www

Issues in world politics

Defining what some of the "old" issues that no longer seem as important as they were between 1950-1990...and why. I came up with two: debt and domination of super powers. But why are they not as important as they once were? Secondly: What is the difference between "high politics" and " low politics"?

How valid is this statement...

How valid is this statement made in the textbook: "fresh water could indeed become the world's scarcest resource, more valuable than petroleum." Offer some solutions to this scarcity concern.

GLOBAL WARMING & the KOYOTA PROTOCOL I need help with the following scenario

In December 1997, the U.S. government tentatively agreed at a United Nations meeting in Kyoto, Japan, to reduce nationwide emissions of greenhouse gasses by 7 percent below 1990 levels. This goal would be achieved by reducing the combustion of fossil fuels sufficiently to diminish emission levels in 2010 to 41 percent below whe

Cuban Missile Crisis

How did the Cuban Missile Crisis happen? Why did the Soviets want missiles in Cuba? How did EXCOMM avoid nuclear war?

Systemic theory of war

Which systemic theory of war, bipolarity or multipolarity, has more validity currently in international relations? Why? Give examples.


What is a multilateral nation? Which nations are best served by being multilateral?

What makes a City livable

Choose a city to research, like Baltimore. Evaluate how "livable" your city is. Come up with at least five tasks to determine livability. Determine, in your opinion, if the city can be considered livable. Justify your opinion based upon the information gathered. For any items that are considered to not help the city's livabilit

United Nations

If you were asked to become the minister or secretary in the Federal Government or United Nations in charge of doing something about global warming, what policies would you attempt to implement? Why?

Talking Points: Democracy

I would like some sources and talking point suggestions for an essay for the following statement. Support and refute the following statement: "Democracyis the best form of government for all the world's inhabitants