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    International Politics

    GLOBAL WARMING & the KOYOTA PROTOCOL I need help with the following scenario

    In December 1997, the U.S. government tentatively agreed at a United Nations meeting in Kyoto, Japan, to reduce nationwide emissions of greenhouse gasses by 7 percent below 1990 levels. This goal would be achieved by reducing the combustion of fossil fuels sufficiently to diminish emission levels in 2010 to 41 percent below whe

    The North-South Gap

    What is meant by the North-South gap? What is the South-South gap? Which one is more prevalent today? Why?

    Protecting a Country from Terrorism

    Based upon the reasons why terrorism is so difficult to combat, what can a country like the U.S. do to protect itself? How reasonable are these protections? What would the cost be?

    Horizontal Proliferation

    What is horizontal proliferation? Will horizontal proliferation increase or decrease in the future? Why?

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    How did the Cuban Missile Crisis happen? Why did the Soviets want missiles in Cuba? How did EXCOMM avoid nuclear war?

    Systemic theory of war

    Which systemic theory of war, bipolarity or multipolarity, has more validity currently in international relations? Why? Give examples.

    What is hegemony?

    What is hegemony? Is there hegemony in the international system today? Why/why not? If so, who is/are the hegemonic power(s)?


    What is a multilateral nation? Which nations are best served by being multilateral?

    Tackling Isolationism

    What is isolationism? Does isolationism have any place in the global market currently? Why/why not? Please give me some examples

    What makes a City livable

    Choose a city to research, like Baltimore. Evaluate how "livable" your city is. Come up with at least five tasks to determine livability. Determine, in your opinion, if the city can be considered livable. Justify your opinion based upon the information gathered. For any items that are considered to not help the city's livabilit

    United Nations

    If you were asked to become the minister or secretary in the Federal Government or United Nations in charge of doing something about global warming, what policies would you attempt to implement? Why?

    Talking Points: Democracy

    I would like some sources and talking point suggestions for an essay for the following statement. Support and refute the following statement: "Democracyis the best form of government for all the world's inhabitants

    Hegemonic Stability & Soft Power

    I'm stuck with an essay question as to where to start - any suggestions? "Is soft power a challenge or a succession of the theory of hegemonic stability? Critically evaluate with examples."

    Essay Guide: Electoral Systems - USA and Germany

    This essay compares the electoral systems of two countries and the general effects they have on representation. Thesis: Through differences in their respective electoral systems, the German Government is more representative of the citizens' interests than the American Government which mostly represents the interests of mul

    Relating Realism & Power to Terrorism & its Motivation

    To what extent does realist theory help to explain the incidence of international terrorism What specific should be developed? Are stated motivations necessarily the real motivations? Can religious motivations fit into a theory that explains everything in terms of power? Realism doesn't teach about moral values, and thes

    Masters level: UN and collective security

    Essay question: To what extent does the experience of the League of Nations and the United Nations uphold the idea that the nature of the international system makes collective security impossible? any suggestions?

    Colonial Rule: Influence in Cuban History

    The question for the 3,000 word paper: Was colonial rule an unmitigated disaster for the people of Cuba, or can one argue that the colonial legacy in Cuba contained some positive elements from the viewpoint of the colonial subjects and their descendants? The class: Politics of the Developing World, 2nd year level Proble

    Origins of Ethnic Conflict in West Africa

    With the end of the Cold War, conflicts between smaller nation states have become increasingly common and violent. How has modern European history impacted the lives of millions in Africa who are completely removed by time and distance from the sources of the conflict?

    The British Electoral System

    Electoral systems differ between various nations. Consider the U.K. and address briefly the kind of electoral system that Britain has?

    An exploration of the future of Iraq after operation Iraqi freedom

    I would like to know what the most likely future of Iraq will look like after the war in respects to how the government is ran and how it will affect the citizens of Iraq including the Kurds. What are a couple sources I can link directly to this that would back or express an opinion of the future goverment? Will this new governm

    The origins and differences of Scottish and Welsh Nationalism.

    In 1997, both Scotland and Wales voted for increased independence from the central British government in London. However, while Scotland received a parliament with the power to pass laws, Wales merely received an assembly with power limited to administrative matters. Why does Scottish nationalism appear to be quite strong, whi