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Analysing City Livability: Baltimore

Choose a city to research, like Baltimore. Evaluate how "livable" your city is. Come up with at least five tasks to determine livability. Determine, in your opinion, if the city can be considered livable. Justify your opinion based upon the information gathered. For any items that are considered to not help the city's livability, develop a plan to improve the situation

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Dear student,

Thank you for your posting. To help you write your essay, I am going to use Baltimore as an example of a city with five elements that make it "livable". I suggest that you use the same framework for the city you chose and expand these points accordingly. I will also help you identify a few characteristics that make the city less "livable".

Elements making Baltimore a "livable" city

? The City's Mayor has been running the "Baltimore Believe" project which is a multi-component, ...

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The solution provides assistance to the student in tackling an academic problem, specifcaly that of evaluating the 'livability' of one's city by tackling the city of Baltimore as an example.