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Is the Big Apple livable?

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Is NY City livable? Why or why not?

If it meets the criteria for livability, discuss why.

Is there anything that we can do to improve improve livability?

If the city is not livable, discuss why it does not meet the criteria. Then, suggest ways to make the city livable.

It is quite possible that you could end up with a "mixed bag:" a city that is livable in certain aspects (economy, recreation opportunities), but is not livable with respect to crime, pollution. Discuss how the non-livable aspects could be improved.

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First let us entertain the idea of "livable"....what is it, how do we describe it? There are several valid perspective to take into account.

Social: would include aspects like crime rates of various sorts, political interaction at the public level, parks, "amusements," and do people generally "get along"

Cultural: access to appurtenances of life like entertainment, art, theater, diverse ethnic areas, etc.

Education: both public and private school quality, access to education, post-secondary education.

Economic: opportunity and access to living wage and reasonable rents or mortgages; median income, average rents and home prices, cost of living.

Environmental Health: clean air, clean water, rate of infectious diseases, birth rate, death rate.

Infrastructural: roads, public transportation, water & sewer adequacy, power grid, energy costs.

We should also look into areal heterogeneity. That is, are some areas livable, and others not so much. NYC is a "really" big place after all. (Your "mixed bag" idea.)

So let's go down the list shall we:

Social: by ...

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Discusses sustainability and New York City's livability.

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