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Livability of a Ccity

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1. choose a city to research. CITY CHOSEN IS MISSOULA MT
2.Evaluate how "livable" your city is.
3. determine livability.
4. Determine, in your opinion, if the city can be considered livable.
5. Justify your opinion based upon the information gathered.
6.For any items that are considered to not help the city's livability, develop a plan to improve the situation.
You will be submitting a 3-4 page analysis and recommendations to your instructor.


Livability =viable
Factors involved: crime, pollution, recreational, cultural, professional opportunities

The common denominators:

maintaining a high population density
preserving a heterogeneity of residences, businesses, stores, and shops
keeping layouts on a human dimension so people can meet, visit, conduct business incidentally
*the space was designed for & devoted to people

Most liveable/successful cities:

Reduced outward sprawl
Diminished automobile traffic
Improved access by foot & bike
Mass transit
Economic stability
Energy saving/solar energy use

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