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Crime and livability

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Need help with whether Chicago,IL is a liveable city or not on the criteria listed below:


1) Crime

Once determined if liveable or not liveable why or why not.
Then some suggestions for improvement where the city is found to be not Liveable.
Need help

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How crime in Chicago affects its livability is determined.

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While the murder rate in Chicago had fallen eariler this decade (it once ranked first in killings per capita), it remains one of the most dangerous cities in which to live:

In 2008, the Governor of Illinois stated that the upswing in crime that year demanded immediate action.

The criteria for livability seem to indicate that one would be able to go out at night with relative safety. Clearly this is not the case in Chicago. You can use several sources to support the view that Chicago is not livable in terms of its crime rate. These include the Chicago police departments database, which can be found here:
It also compiles a map showing the most dangerous sections of Chicago:

It would be inaccurate to say that all of Chicago unlivable due to the crime rate. However, overall, the rate is definitely unacceptably ...

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