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    Chicago: Livability Study

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    I need assistance with the following:

    The city of Chicago-Determine its livability based on five or six criteria (standards for livability.)

    1.Is the city livable? Why or why not?

    2.Please explain each standard of livabilty as well as suggestions for improvement where the City is found to be "not livable."

    Thank you!

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    Dear Student,

    The solution below was written to provide you with assistance in writing a livability report on the city of Chicago. I can assume from the topic that you are either from the city of Chicago - or that your professor has followed the latest pattern in terms of urban research planning - Chicago has been bested, in the US, annually by smaller, lesser known cities in terms of the living conditions enjoyed by its residents. I hope that this concise solution provides you with the answers you need. I have chosen to give you web-based resources so that you can easily find them for references. Thank you for using Brainmass!

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    Determining Livability

    Annually, The Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranks cities the world over for the standard of living enjoyed by its residents. In each country, cities and towns also receive a ranking based on a set standard or criteria: safety, education, hygiene, recreation and public transport. Mercer is a Human Resource and Related Financial Service Firm, the world's largest in their sector, therefore their research informs corporate decisions, especially that of multinationals interested in investment. The Mercer annual livability survey informs The Economist's annual list, that when published reaches and influences the decisions of key economic decision makers. Currently Vienna, Austria tops the list, closely followed by Zurich, Geneva, Vancouver, Auckland, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Bern and Sydney - in that order - as the World's top 10 most livable cities. No U.S. city has ranked in the top 10 so far.

    Another key annually published document determining livability in terms of quality of life is the Savageau's Places Rated Almanac, formerly known as the Ranally City Rating System - a focused ranking and study of cities that take on the selected criterion mentioned earlier taken on by the Mercer Study but enhanced so as to reflect the economic function of cities reflecting the quality of life and the 'promise' of acceptable development. The Ranally system was designed by Richard Forstall in 1964 for Rand McNally and Co. and the results are published annually then until 2007 (when the name changed) in a two volume set known as Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide. The criterion that determines ranking are the following: retail sales, newspaper circulation, the presence of universities and hospitals, corporate offices and headquarters (whose presence determine economic power and influence) where employment and taxation collected determines the city's wealth, influence and spending power to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Size is determined by the city's tributary area ranted 2, 3 or 4. There are about 1492 cities in the US that are ranked and rated in the Ranally system. consisting of a number and a letter. As ...

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    The solution, an essay written in the APA-format provides information & assistance in writing a livability report on the city of Chicago using varied studies, publications and reports that either rank Chicago with the rest of the US cities or provides a narrative in terms of Chacago's livability based on criterias like safety, education, hygiene, recreation, public transport, social welfare, influence & wealth, as well as job creation. The solution is also attached as a word file for easy prinitng.