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International Law, GNP & PCI

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1.Describe and assess how international law has addressed matters of trade, human rights, and the environment. How have these efforts contributed to developing or retarding the construction of global civil society? Why? Construct a 250-300 words posting in which you respond thoroughly, with at least one library source in addition to your text

2What are the components of Gross National Product (GNP)? How does it understate aggregate production in Third World countries where substantial economic production may be consumed directly and thus not reach markets where it can be measured? Finally, is per capita income (PCI) a good measure of the level of living people enjoy or are the data skewed, given substantial differences in the distribution of income especially in Third World countries? Construct a250-300 words posting in which you respond thoroughly, with at least one library source in addition to your text.

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International Law & Civil Society Issues

What we term as international law refers to laws that govern or affect the conduct of nations and the way they relate with one another. It looks at each nation as a singular 'entity' rather than local and national laws that concern itself with private citizens and local entities. It falls into 3 disciplines - Public International Law, Conflict Laws & Supranational Laws and has 2 branches - jus gentium or the law of nations and jus inter gentes or agreements between nations. The 1920 Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice created the principal judicial entity that judges international disputes. Side by side with the charter of the United Nations recognized by virtually all states, International Law principles are practiced and enforced among all UN members regulating concerns like human rights, the environment and matters of trade. While the UN has specific agencies that look into and regulate said matters, the Court of International Justice has its own laws and principles that is expected to be consensually practiced by all member-states - this at least is the 'great hope' for the purpose of creating a global civil society despite cross cultural and socio-economic as well as ideological differences. There are several human rights bodies globally and they usually work with one another to monitor, enforce, observe and 'correct' certain practices to ensure their accordance with International law. A recent study by Maria Julia Oliva of the ...

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The solution is a collection of 2 essay-answers. The first one is a 511-word essay that discusses how international law address issues of trade, human rights and the environment and the effect of international law towards development or in some cases, possible retardation of a global civil society. The second part is a 578-word essay that explains what GNP or Gross National Product is about and its possible understating of aggregate production in third world countries. Per Capita Income or PCI is also discussed in relation to its effectiveness in measuring the standard/level of life in relation to income distribution. All essays have listed references. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.