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    Challenges to Geopolitical and Phenomological Community Health Nursing

    Consider the different communities to which an individual may belong 1. What is the geopolitical community in which a person would live? Why is it geopolitical? 2. What is a phenomenological community to which a person can belong? Why is it a phenomenological community? 3. What would some challenges and benefits be f

    How to measure objectives

    Describe how to measure a nursing practicum objective. What difficulties might arise in attempts to measure attainment of each practicum objective? How might you work around these difficulties? How accurate do you think these measurements may be?

    Practicum learning in nursing is discussed.

    What do you anticipate is the value of a Practicum Learning Agreement to attaining your professional goals in nursing? What obstacles do you anticipate in constructing and implementing a Practicum Learning Agreement? What strategies may you employ to mitigate the obstacles?

    Community nursing is highlighted.

    Discuss the importance of providing culturally sensitive nursing care to aggregates and communities. Explore some strategies that you might have used or might consider using in your workplace environment.

    Nurses' negative effects of media portrayals are addressed.

    Nurses are often portrayed in a less than flattering light in the media (television, movies, etc). Describe one such portrayal/stereotype and its reflection upon the profession of nursing. How detrimental do you feel these negative depictions are to our profession in regard to how the public may perceive nursing? What actions

    Nursing and politics

    What is the financial effect of the nursing bill H.R.2621 (The Teacher and Nurse Support Act ) for an individual or organization?

    Mandated nurse-to-patient ratios

    What alternatives would you suggest to a mandated nurse-to-patient ratio? Explain your answer. Who might oppose your idea, and why would they do so?

    Quality indicators of nursing

    Find what nursing quality indicators are then, answer both of the following questions : o How do these quality indicators reflect or not reflect the quality of nursing practice? o How will the measurement of these indicators improve or detract from the ability to provide quality care?

    Watson's Theory of Philosophy and Science of Caring: An Overview

    Jean Watson's Theory of Philosophy and Science of Caring discuss where and how it may be best applied to nursing practice. Include, as applicable to your selected theory, the following: * Concept statement * Metaparadigms * Philosophies * Conceptual model

    Incentives for aging nurses

    The nursing workforce mirrors the remainder of the Baby Boomer population and has been studied extensively. Contemporary Nurse (2007) reports that the median age of nurses in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States is mid-to-late 40's with 10% or less under the age of 30 and 30-40% aged over 50. The average nu

    The Value of Professional Organizations for Nurses

    Explain how nurse leaders use professional organizations to stay informed of political actions in the nursing and health care industry. Discuss importance of maintaining awareness of political actions related to the nursing and health care industry.

    Cognitive and Behavioral Theories in Nursing Education

    Explain why behavioral and cognitive learning theories are especially relevant to curriculum development in nursing. Give an example of each of these types of theories and explain how the theory can be used for curriculum development in practice (i.e. staff development) or nursing education

    The Role of the Registered Nurse

    Would you please help me to get started on an essay about the role of the registered professional nurse in the United States? Further, I need to explain how completing my clinical experience (internship hours) at a given hospital will help me (a nursing student) grow into that role.


    SCENARIO - Youâ??re the manager of a brain injury rehab unit Even though this situation involves a nurse, I think the non-nurses in our class will see the ethical issues... You are the nurse-manager of a brain injury rehab unit. Many of your patients are ambulatory â??wanderersâ? who need to be protected, but itâ??s

    Regulatory (gov) and accrediting body

    I want to investigate one regulatory and one accrediting body pertinent to the faculty role in an academic higher education (preferably in nursing) I want to identify the purpose and scope of these bodies in institutions of higher education and their implications for faculty members. I want to discuss similarities and d

    Nursing Theory

    Compare and contrast the nursing theorists, Parse and Watson, include similarities, dissimilarities (totality vs simultaneity, paradigms), schematic model aspects of the theories, and name other theories that are philosophically related.

    What are values?

    I am in the process of doing a PowerPoint presentation to some potential nursing students at my workplace. Please help with the following question: What are Values?

    Develop a personal vision statement

    For a nurse who plans to seek a job in education (staff develpoment in a hospital). The nurse is working toward a mastersdegree in nursing will complete in year Plan to teach nursing students part-time once retire from hospital over the next 5-10 year.

    What are goals?

    Why are goals important to a nurse who is just completing her Masters and plan to be a educator?

    Professional growth

    Would you please help me to get started on the following? Describe personal professional growth as it relates to nursing.

    Orem's nursing theory

    Description of Orem's nursing theory (purpose, concepts/definitions, relationship/structure, assumptions)