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    Nursing Interventions

    A 55-year-old woman is seen by her physician and is told that she is currently going through menopause when he identifies that she has an elevation of FSH on her laboratory results. The patient has many questions and concerns, and the physician asks the nurse to provide education for the patient. 1. The patient first asks t

    Leadership versus power in nursing

    What is the difference between leadership and power? Who is responsible for providing leadership? How should power and leadership be applied in an organization?

    Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education

    Construct a brief personal philosophy of nursing education (Your personal beliefs regarding teaching, learning and nursing education) 1 - 2 paragraphs max. using the Behavioral Learning Theory or Cognitive Development Theory

    Human Resource Management and the Nursing Shortage

    Please help me get started on the following assignments. Assignment # 1. Human Resource Management and the Nursing Shortage With an existing national nursing shortage (also expected to climb), successful recruitment and retaining of nurses is very important for healthcare organizations. Explain how each of the HRM funct

    Utilization Management Nurse

    The utilization management nurse is a critical component in utilization management in an MCO. Explain the functions of that organization's utilization management nurse.

    Affordable Care Act and Nursing

    1. How will the Affordable Care Act impact the role of the nurse? 2. Describe the appropriations committee in the House of Representatives? Explain the Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act and its relevance to nursing in an era of health care reform? 3. What is one political action I can take to advocate for pa

    Nurse-to-patient ratio

    Discuss elements that affect staffing at Patton-Fuller hospital, such as raises in wages and changes in the nurse-to-patient ratio. I need as much information as possible on this I am doing a presentation on this and need some main points with how and why backing up the reasoning. Staffing a).Nu

    Leadership and Management in Nursing

    Based on the scientific management theory, what are some of the routines in health care that seem to be inefficient? What examples of participative decision making exist in your workplace? Give examples of rationale.

    Leadership in Nursing and Communication

    You have an idea to improve patient care that you would like upper management to support and fund. What type of communication tool would you use to present your idea and why? 100 words.

    Changes to Nursing Education

    In this world of advanced technology and an ever growing knowledge base of nursing it is necessary for schools of nursing to evaluate the way nursing is taught. If you were on a curriculum planning committee what do you feel would be some changes that might need to be made in terms of nursing education and what barriers do you f

    Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Programs

    Could you please help me with a project based on this topic: As we all know, not all students who enter a nursing program are successful. One of the more difficult issues that a faculty member must handle is failure in the clinical setting. There are both legal and ethical issues that are present when dismissing a student who i

    Nursing Leader Conflict Management

    A new director decides to reorganize the department you work in. This reorganization comes about without input from the employees and many of the nurses that you oversee are feeling resentful of the change. As a nurse leader, identify factors that may lead to conflict and ways you can manage them. (no particular, any example in

    Nursing Management and Leadership

    Describe how the concepts of leadership and management differ from each other. In what areas do they overlap? Explain how the goals of management and leadership may sometimes overlap. As a nurse leader, do you believe you can expand your influence to create change by taking advantage of this overlap? Explain your answer

    Political Action Awareness

    Require an explanation on American association of critical-care nurses and professional organization in the nursing industry. Please explain how nurse leaders can use professional organizations to stay aware of political actions in the nursing and health care industry and the importance of doing so.

    Cultural Diversity in Nursing

    There currently exists a broad discrepancy between the cultural diversity of the nursing profession and that of the general population. What strategies do you think might be used to offset this discrepancy? What are some strategies that can be used to improve the cultural competence of the nursing profession?

    A Qualitative Critique: Rural Nursing.

    Van Hofwegen, L., Kirkham, S., & Harwood, C. (2005). The strength of rural nursing: implications for undergraduate nursing education. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 2(1), doi:10.2202/1548-923X.1142 Your qualitative research critique requires an in-depth analysis using the following questions: - Ar

    Ethics in Nursing: Applying Uustal

    Uustal (1993) proposed a decision-making model that provides concrete steps in which to arrive at a morally acceptable solution when faced with an ethical dilemma. What type of ethical dilemma have you encountered in the clinical setting? How can the decision-making model identified by Uustal be applied to this situation? Be spe

    Consideration of Ethics in Nursing

    How does a nurse's fundamental duties, as described by the Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge, influence a nurse's practice and decision making?

    Ethics in Nursing

    Consider your personal needs, preferences, and biases. How might they conflict with the needs, preferences, and biases of your patients and their families? How can ethical principles be used to identify the most appropriate decision when conflict arises?

    Educational need assessment

    I need help with the following: 1. A sample educational need assessment for nurses caring for children with asthma. Based on the learning needs assessment, design a sample educational plan regarding nursing care for children with asthma. 2. A sample Likert scale survey template that includes questions on literature review

    Ethics in Nursing

    Many situations can raise ethical concerns, particularly in the face of disagreement and conflict between parties. However, not all situations of an ethical nature result in values conflict or constitute an ethical dilemma. Explain the characteristics of an ethical dilemma. How do they differ from other situations resulting in d

    Models and Advantages of Family Nursing

    Discuss important concepts in family nursing and two related nursing models/theories. Indicate what you find most attractive in the two nursing models/theoretical frameworks you identify and how you perceive they are applicable/conducive to family nursing.

    Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care: Nurse Manager Skills Inventory

    1) Rate yourself using the American Organization of Nurse Executive's (AONE) "Nurse Manager Skills Inventory." Access the inventory at http://www.aone.org/resources/leadership%20tools/PDFs/NMSL_BrochureFINAL.pdf 2) I need to write a reflection of 750-1,000 words in which to identify your strengths and weaknesses related to