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    Nursing practicum: Mentor and preceptor

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    What has been your experience with mentoring, as a mentor or as someone who has been mentored? If you were asked to be a mentor to new nurses, would you be willing to agree to that commitment? Why?

    Now, taking this a step further and relating to your practicum -- what is the value in identifying clinical or practice experts to help you achieve your learning objectives? How do you select and work with a mentor

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    This is my experience with a Mentor and how it is done in my organization:

    As a new graduate nurse I was assigned a preceptor and picked a Mentor. The preceptor taught me the things I needed to know.
    The Mentor had me set goals and write down things as we went along that I found frustrating or didn't understand. We had pre-set meeting times and this time helped me understand where I was headed ...

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    Having a mentor to begin your healthcare career can be rewarding and valuable. Having a formal Mentoring relationship can help calm the fears and frustrations for new nurses or other healthcare workers.