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    Are there any solutions to shortage of nurses? Please explain. Are some of the solutions already implemented in healthcare organizations? Please describe such existing attempts, programs, or interventions for nurses shortage . Do they seem to be working? Do you think a good plan could be devised to address the problem?

    Nursing Theoretical Framework and Nursing Education.

    I need help getting started with these topics. What are the relationships of the key nursing theoretical framework to nursing education? What is the relationship of nursing conceptual/theoretical models to theory-driven, evidence-based practice?

    Using the references given, design a 10 to 12 slides powerpoint on standards of cultural competence as it applies to nursing care that incudes the objectives, summary and references given.

    1.Individual Assignment: Emerging Standards of Care Presentation ?Review emerging standards of culturally competent care. Here are possible resources to use: oDHHS Office of Minority Health, located at http://www.omhrc.gov/clas/ oNational Center for Cultural Competence, located at http://www11.georgetown.edu/research/guc

    Differentiating between a Rookie & Experienced Professional

    You are a clinical coach, preceptor, or mentor on your floor at St. Whocare's. You are working with two different Registered Nurses - one with one year of experience and the other with ten years. How do you differentiate between them when one makes a mistake?

    Research Proposal - The use of hard and soft data

    I was wondering if you could help me with articulating how 'hard' data and 'soft' data can be useful to support the need for my research proposal? I also need to come up with examples of each pertinent to my topic, and explain how I determined the quality of the data.

    Nursing Innovation

    If you heard that the type of innovation you are proposing was to be introduced in your current work setting, discuss what you would want to know about it before willing to participate in such a project.


    What nurses in the healthcare organization is responsible for? What does a typical day intel? How do they relay their information to head nurses and doctors.

    Watson's Theory of Human Caring

    Identify role for nursing in alleviating the health consequences faced by Muslim Americans in terms of Watson's Theory of Human Caring. I need ideas and insights into the application of Watson's model. Thank you.

    Mentor vs Preceptor

    What is the difference between a mentor and preceptor? Give examples from your career (hospital nurse) to illustrate the differences.

    Nursing Theory Models

    1. Describe and discuss core concept definitions of nursing models you think most closely approximates your nursing practice in your current role. (surgical pre-op case manager in a hospital). Provide examples that discuss common threads, differences in the models you choose. For example, you may choose Orem, Rogers, and Watson

    Qualitative research in nursing

    What are some techniques used by researchers to ensure scientific rigor in qualitative research? If you determine that a study is good, how would you use it in your practice? Do NOT use references. Thank you.

    Nursing Science

    Explain the relationship of the development of nursing science to the profession, i.e. history, influences, structure of nursing knowledge and theory development.

    Three parts of any qualitative research report

    This is for a graduate level nursing research subject in which I need to examine only three parts of any qualitative research report, but before I do this, I need your help in understanding what would those sections be? Please explain- What is your rationale for those three being the most important sections to focus on? Also, pr


    Pick one aspect of critical thinking and assess ones strength and weakness in this area.

    Cohesiveness in multi-generational work teams

    This solution is for a graduate level nursing course in which we have been discussing multi-generational work teams of Registered Nurses that can create a source of conflict and challenge in the health care arena. Describe issues which could cause conflict or challenge between two different generations of nurses. The goal is to

    Recruitment and Retention Strategies of the Nursing Profession

    This solution is for a graduate level nursing course in which we have been discussing the fact that many of the clinical staff nurses who are employed in the acute care setting are approaching the age at which they could retire. What suggestions can you offer to nurse leaders and acute care organizations to heighten their effor

    Nursing Shortage & Decreased School Enrollment

    This solution is for a graduate nursing level. I need help with the following: As the profession of Nursing faces many challenges such as a shortage of clinical nurses, a decrease enrollment in nursing schools due to lack of Master's prepared instructors, higher patient load and mandated extra shifts, what political action,

    Reduction in labor force

    You have just been mandated to reduce your department's labor force by eight percent. What steps are you taking to identify whom to lay-off? What are the staff roles, regulatory requirements regarding certain staffing patterns, the roles of assistive personnel, cross training, and anything else you think would help in

    Downsizing and Layoffs in Nursing

    What is the impact of a lay-off on the survivors? What is the impact of downsizing on the organization? What methods could leaders use to stabilize or mitigate the situation? (In nursing leadership and management)