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Community Health Nursing

Many of the employment opportunities in community health nursing require a BSN. What aspects of the community health nursing role appeal to you? Which aspects of the role are not as appealing to you? Why do you think BSN-preparation is needed to practice community health or public health nursing?

School Nurse

A nine year old girl appears at the school nurse's office at least three times a week in the morning. She complains of nausea and weakness. The school nurse's assessment is negative and the girl usually recovers fully in about 20 minutes of resting. What more does the school nurse need to learn to be able to assist this girl?

Community health nurse dealing with TB

In a rural community in New Mexico, (population 3000), there is a high incidence of tuberculosis. Mining is a principle industry and occupation. There are also many migrant workers for the production of lettuce and other field crops. There are two churches, a K-12 school, and a Head Start Program. There is also a county health d

Empowerment in assisting families

As a nurse in a migrant health clinic, the community health nurse is finding reoccurrence of head lice among the children. Living conditions for the migrant workers are such that three or four young children sleep together on one mattress. There are however, running water and treatment shampoo available. 1. How might the

Community Nursing Care

Given the basic preparation of registered nurses for the care of individual clients, what difficulties may the nurse encounter in addressing the needs of the community as client?

Standards of Community Nurses

Professional standards are developed to assure quality and consistency of practice. What practical value is available through the standards for community nurses undertaking an immunization program for children in a day-care setting?

Nursing Ethics questions

Nursing Ethics 1. History of Development 2. The beliefs it is based upon 3. Important contributors, or practitioners

Nursing Theory

How would you describe nursing's unique perspective to your colleagues?

Nursing Theory & Concepts

How would you explain to your nursing colleagues the importance of having definitions of nursing, person, health, and environment?