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Contribution of Nursing Theorists to Science

What are four salient contributions of nursing theorists to the development of nursing science

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It is difficult to define four specific salient contributions of nursing theorist to the development of nursing science because each theorist contributed a new but interrelated view to provide care. Each one has shaped nursing science. The piece 'Understanding the nursing theorist' in Currentnursing.com was most useful to extract some of the basic salient contributions. Hope this helps you.

a)Defined concepts that help build a common nursing terminology.

By establishing defined concepts not only did they build the nursing vocabulary but established a relationship between cause and events. This simple act increased the nurse's ability to communicate with other health professionals. For example, a person was defined as "Recipient of care, including physical, spiritual, psychological, ...

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The solution includes a discussion of four salient contributions from all the nursing theories to the development of nursing science.