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    Philosophies of science are used in the discipline of nursing

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    Are John Locke's and David Hume's philosophies useful in the discipline of nursing practice and leadership. Justify/explain position for each.

    Peer review citations/references are appreciated. Thank you.

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    Which Philosophies of science are used in the discipline of nursing?

    Polifroni & Welch (1999) provides that philosophies applicable to nursing are those that employ critical theory and feminist perspectives. This is because they apply to situations of social interaction. According to Dahnke & Dreher (2010), nursing to some level is can be regarded as a scientific practice which is informed by scientific knowledge combining both practical and theoretical. Philosophy of science provides foundation for theoretical knowledge in nursing.

    'Fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing' by Barbara Carper has been influential in nursing discipline especially on epistemological literature (Risjord, n.d). Carper evaluated types of knowledge required by nurses in their duties and categorized nursing knowledge into empirics, ethics, aesthetics, and personal knowledge. Carper suggested that nursing knowledge should be divided into nursing ethics and nursing science (Risjord, n.d).

    Another philosophy of science in nursing is philosophy developed by Schultz and Meleis who categorized nursing knowledge into three types. The philosophy provides that nursing ...

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    Philosophies of science which are in the discipline of nursing is examined.