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Advanced Generalist Nurse

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Situation: You have graduated from a nursing program with a Master of Science in Nursing, and you are interviewing for your first job. There are many applicants for this position, and the competition is stiff. During your interview, the hiring leader asks you to explain what being an advanced generalist means and what it is that you can provide that other graduates (including BSN graduates) cannot. The leader also is confused about the role of master's prepared nurses, thinking that a MSN means one is either a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse practitioner, or another specialist like an advanced public health nurse. Include an explanation about how you would plan to implement the role of the advanced generalist (starting out as a beginner nurse) in this setting. Include examples from attached articles.

1. What is an advanced generalist?
2. How is a masters-prepared generalist different than a baccalaureate-prepared nurse?
3. How is the advanced generalist different from other masters-prepared nurses?
4. Describe a plan to implement the role as a BEGINNING nurse.

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The solution discusses what an advanced generalist nurse is.

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1. What is an advanced generalist?
An advanced generalist nurse is a master prepared nurse that plans and provides direct care to patients. As an advanced generalist nurse one interacts with families, coordinates patient care and interfaces with other members of the health care team such as physicians. They participate in organizational activities that focus on safety, quality and efficient patient care.

2. How is a masters-prepared generalist different than a baccalaureate-prepared nurse?
Master's degree prepared generalists have received more intensive and specialized training and generally have a deeper foundation of knowledge than nurses with a baccalaureate degree. Additionally the master's prepared nurse has had more leadership training than the baccalaureate prepared nurse, making management and leadership roles more attainable. ...

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