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Retention Incentives for Aging Nurses

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The nursing workforce mirrors the remainder of the Baby Boomer population and has been studied extensively. Contemporary Nurse (2007) reports that the median age of nurses in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States is mid-to-late 40's with 10% or less under the age of 30 and 30-40% aged over 50. The average nurse walks 12 miles per shift!

Personal health concerns and limitations plague the ageing workforce. Besides the physical toll, there is an emotional one with interpersonal relationships being the number one reason why nurses stay in the workforce (Fitzgerald, 2007). Retention incentives need to be implemented to assist aging experienced nurses to delay retirement or prevent them from leaving the workforce early.

What types of retention incentives would meet the needs of an aging nursing workforce?

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This detailed solution deals with suggestions for retention incentives to meet the needs of an aging nursing workforce.

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Retention strategies might include ongoing training- both for the nurses to help keep them current as well as getting the nurses engaged with the next generation of nurses to show the importance of their experience and knowledge.

Also, making sure ...

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