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Public Perception and Negative Portrayal of Nurses

Nurses are often portrayed in a less than flattering light in the media (television, movies, etc). Describe one such portrayal/stereotype and its reflection upon the profession of nursing. How detrimental do you feel these negative depictions are to our profession in regard to how the public may perceive nursing? What actions can we take collectively and individually to correct these types of portrayals in the media?

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I feel that the Showtime TV show Nurse Jackie would be a good portrayal to consider for your answer. The show is relatively new and is able to get away with some pretty explicit material because it is on a premium television channel.

The series is meant to be a dark comedy and there are certainly many character flaws embodied within the main character. While Jackie has a difficult time managing her life in general, I feel that the situations related to abuse of narcotics AT WORK are by far the most demeaning scenes with respect to the nursing profession. Here are a few examples specific only to substance abuse:

- Jackie steals and swallows pills so that she can make it through a hectic shift
- She dispenses placebos to clients after stealing ...

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