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    A personal vision statement

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    For a nurse who plans to seek a job in education (staff develpoment in a hospital). The nurse is working toward a mastersdegree in nursing will complete in year Plan to teach nursing students part-time once retire from hospital over the next 5-10 year.

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    I am a nurse who is currently working toward a Master's degree in nursing. I intend to seek a job as a staff developer in a hospital once I have completed my Master's degree and will retire from the hospital where I work over the next five to ten years. From the time I was young I felt as though nursing was my calling in life and I wanted to be a nurse ever since. In my opinion nursing is a caring profession and my desire to become a nurse originated in my heart. Some of the most important qualities that someone who wishes to become a nurse should have are a sense of caring , dedication, and loyalty for other people as well as ...

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    The following is a personal vision statement for a nurse who wishes to seek a staff development position at a hospital.