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    Leap Frog Group and Quality of Hospital Care

    Organizations such as the LeapFrog Group represent a growing trend to survey and report on the quality of hospital care and to make the findings available to the public. What are your opinions about the public's readiness to deal with having this information available and using it to make choices about medical care?

    For-Profit vs Not-for-Profit Hospitals

    Although both for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals provide a certain amount of charitable services to the public, there is debate as to which provides a higher level of charitable services to their respective communities. Which type of hospital do you feel provides more charitable health care services, and why?

    Historical Development of Hospitals in the United States

    - Trace the major historical developments of hospitals in the United States. - Identify the major historical events of hospitals in a country outside of the United States. - Compare and contrast the history of both countries' hospitals, and discuss which one you feel has evolved to more effectively provide patient care. - Be

    Critiquing a hospital's CQI program as compared to another hospital's standard

    Compare and critique a hospital's CQI program to that of a another hospital and whether the hospital adheres to the recognized standard for a CQI program. a. Do the hospitals adhere to a recognized standard for CQI programs in hospitals? b. What are some areas for improvement in the CQI programs for these hospitals? c.

    Literature Review-Increasing Patient Satisfaction within the hospital setting

    I am in need of assistance. I am putting together a literature review on the topic of increasing patient satisfaction within the hospital setting. I need help locating resources that are current within the last 3-5 years on this topic to perform a literature review. If possible, I also need assistance getting started on my top

    Implementing Solutions for Hospital Readmission

    I am doing a proposal on congestive heart failure and hospital readmission because of poor discharge planning. Below are the requirements of the project - please provide assistance. All key elements of the assignment are: Implementation - Solution implementation steps a. Formal and informal leaders b. Timing of imple

    Evolving Hospital Systems

    What factors have influenced the development of multi-provider healthcare systems? How and why are they expected to change in the future? How will health care reform impact multi-provider health care systems?

    Hospital Outreach Program

    Today's workforce is diverse and has multiple conflicting priorities. As a nurse leader, you would like to see your hospital implement an outreach program that will benefit needy members of the community. What are some methodologies of communication you would use to develop a shared vision with your stakeholders? How would you a

    Medicare payment plan

    Mrs. Smith is a 70-year-old and hospitalized for a Kidney Transplant procedure. General Hospital is a large urban hospital in San Francisco that incurred $150,000 in Medicare approved charges in treating Mrs. Smith. Please use the information provided in this module as well as the Hospital Payments Example, which can be found i

    Robbinsdale Hospital Advertising Appeal

    Robbinsdale Hospital is one of two hospitals among the six facilities in the city to have an intensive care (Level III) nursery. This facility is tailored to treat infants suffering from severe medical complications upon delivery. The program director is deciding whether to use an emotional or rational appeal and advertising cop

    General Hospital Information

    Discuss: 1 - history of hospital (when, was created, why,..... 2 - general description of hospital role 3 - specializations: (what hospital is specialize for) 4 - departments ( different departments in the hospital ( cardiology, cancer ...... 5 - role of the hospital in healthcare before, now and in the future 6 - the prob

    For-Profit or Not-for-Profit Hospital

    Herman Medical System is looking at buying a rural hospital that is located 60 miles away from the main hospital. The hospital is a not-for-profit hospital, and Herman is determining whether or not it should keep the not-for-profit statues or make it a for-profit hospital. Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board ar

    Hospitals and Healthcare Outcomes

    Hospitals and Healthcare Outcomes According to Sultz and Young (2011), "with the multitude of tasks performed every day by hundreds of employees in a busy hospital, misunderstandings and information breakdowns in patient care are inevitable." Answer the following questions: In your opinion, do you agree with Sultz and Youn

    Institutional Ethics in Hospital

    What process would you use to create professional standards and institutional ethics within your health care facility, and what sources of information would you use to set those standards and ethics?

    Patient Abandonment in a Hospital

    As a clerk in the risk-management department at a local hospital, you are familiar with the concepts of patient abuse in the health care industry. Given your expertise in the field, you have been asked are to host a discussion panel on the abuse of patient abandonment with your colleagues. What type of abuse does this repres

    Hospital Funding: Planning, Forecasting, and Finance Management

    Scenario: You work for the local hospital. In a meeting, your boss mentioned that profit margins were declining. The hospital's board of directors' future vision is to raise the target profit, expand the facility size, and increase the amount of beds and emergency room spaces offered by the hospital. You are a staff member i

    Performance Impacts the Patients

    How does Pay-for-Performance impact the patients, providers, practitioners and hospitals in regards to overall managed care and quality? Are there incentives, sks, or common components found? Incorporate two examples from real life.

    Hospital Operation: Acute Care Hospital

    I need some alternative resource or knowledge on how I can go about this scenario. Hospital Operation You have been fortunate in your career and have moved up rather quickly to a position of authority in your community as the CEO of a 300 bed hospital. You have dedicated yourself to the vision of a community hospital and

    Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in a hospital setting

    Develop a plan for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in a hospital setting. How can employees become knowledgeable with the major provisions of SOX? How can top executives comply with the major provisions? How can conflicts of interests in the organization be observed?

    Organizational Goals

    After reading the article; The Economic Downturn and Its Impact on Hospitals (pdf), TrendWatch, January 2009 from the the American Hospital Association http://www.aha.org/aha/research-and-trends/index.html -How is the current economic environment affecting hospitals? -What changes in goals and strategy are hospital

    Briefly debate the future of free standing hospitals.

    Freestanding hospitals are becoming less common as more hospitals are joining or establishing relationships with multi hospital systems. These associations are driven by factors, such as unrelenting competition in local markets, aging physical plants, increasing labor costs, and higher physician fees, that place a high demand on

    Nurse-to-patient ratios are studied.

    Nurse-to-patient ratios need to be changed. If you were about to enter into the change process, who would be the major stakeholders in that change and why?


    With the current rate of malpractice suits, do hospitals need to be accredited to maintain high standards? How do we go about setting the appropriate standards when no two people react the same way to medical treatments?

    Medication errors are inspected.

    Attached is a link to a newspaper article involving a medication error at a hospital. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2013016258_infantdeath29m.html?syndication=rss First, are there any ethical issues in this issue? Second, if so, what are they and what is your analysis of them? Argue both sides of the is

    Nature of Health Information

    1. In what ways are the information needs of physicians and nurses at Presbyterian Hospital similar? In what ways are they different? 2. From the study, select three to four specific information needs and identify key data inputs, processes and outputs necessary for the information to be accurate and useful. 3. For each of t

    Health care case study

    Learning Team Assignment Health Care Case Study: Financial Statements â?¢ Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital financial statements in the Virtual Organization. Grading criteria located in Week Two on your student website. â?¢ Write a summary that addresses the following: o Annual report

    Types of hospital admissions

    1.Compare and contrast the following types of hospital admissions: a. Direct admission b. Unscheduled admission c. Scheduled admission 2. What are some advantages/disadvantages of computerized charting of patient records versus opposed to hand written documentation. 3.what are the advantanges of establishing a