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    Increasing Patient Satisfaction within the hospital setting

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    I am in need of assistance. I am putting together a literature review on the topic of increasing patient satisfaction within the hospital setting. I need help locating resources that are current within the last 3-5 years on this topic to perform a literature review. If possible, I also need assistance getting started on my topics of focus for each article.

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    The purpose of a literature review to is to demonstrate the history of research in a particular area and demonstrate the different opinions on a topic, giving specific articles as examples. Thus, the focus should still be on the points you are making, or drawing from the articles, and the articles should simply serve to demonstrate or be examples of your points.

    Here are several articles and the main points you could draw from each article (the articles can be looked up using google scholar, pubmed, or your school's library database):

    Ley, P., Bradshaw, P. W., Kincey, J. A. & Atherton, S. T. (2011). Increasing patients' satisfaction with communications. Clinical Psychology 15(4):403-413.

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