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Advantages of Doctoral Nurses in Healthcare Settings

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envision yourself as a future leader in the health field.this is the topic "There is a high demand and growing need for highly-trained doctors and nurses in the health field today. As the number of adults and children become obsess and there are increasing numbers of emergencies increase, while the number of emergency departments decreases, the needs are obvious. There is an ever increasing demand for well-trained nurses with doctorate degrees to help take up the lap in health care. Not only are doctoral graduates paid higher salaries down the road, but these graduates can have a positive impact in their local communities and in the medical field as a whole."
Consider how you would introduce the audiences issue you select. This letter to community agency, organization, or key stakeholder in the issue
introduce an issue write what you would say.

Include proper APA citations and references where appropriate or needed.

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The letter discusses the many advantages of implementing Doctoral Nursing staff in primary and other healthcare settings.

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Staff Director, Community Hospital
November 11, 2015
To: Board of Directors
The demand for health care services is increasing in the U.S., due to increasing numbers of aging populations, increased access to health care benefits, and increasing numbers of citizens suffering from chronic health issues. The demand for well-trained physicians, nurses, and other providers is high. However, the U.S. health care system, as a whole, is currently experiencing a shortage of primary care physicians. The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that by 2020, the U.S. healthcare system will face a shortage of roughly 45,000 primary care physicians (in Gallegos, 2014). The results of such a shortage will include failure to provide care in a timely manner, increased use of emergency services, decreased overall patient satisfaction with providers and services, and in some areas, gaps in primary care services offered to the community. The lack of adequate primary care will lead to increased demand on urgent care and emergency room facilities, physicians, nursing staff, and ancillary health services.
To pick up the slack in primary care services, Nurses are returning to college to earn degrees as Practitioners and advanced practice professionals. The use of Physician Assistants is also increasing, to fill in gaps where primary health screening and treatment of uncomplicated health issues is needed. Many nursing professionals are reaching beyond graduate education, to achieve terminal (doctorate) degrees in nursing. These professionals anticipate the ...

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